The top five songs to help you fit into those leggings

Several times I and my friend have clashed over what bodies are fit to don leggings. They are cool pieces of cloth that are comfortable for many women but problem is every body’s cloth is no one’s cloth and leggings have a stubborn nature of not falling for all body shapes with some women ending up with more dimples on their butts than an upright sack of potatoes. So I came up with my top five songs that you can work out with to get you into shape to don that sexy legging you been so dyeing to wear……………………….

1. sexy and I know it by LMFAO

Just from the opening line of the song you know this song….”when I walks around all the boys be looking…………………. This song is all about burning your calories

2. Gangnam style

This dance has been scientifically proven to burn calories

3. stronger by Kanye West

Ever wondered how kanye’s girlfriend has kim kardashian has managed to get that body of a Goddess then you better start playing to this beat

4. on the flour- Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull

This the perfect song and if you want to fit into the daring legging like one she had in the video then start playing at the queue to call

5. starship coldplay

The beat alone is statement of what to expect


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