Hilarious tweets from the tt #PLE2012 if you missed

Hilarious tweets from the tt #PLE2012 if you missed

Who will be the next president of Uganda?

A) Yoweri B) Kaguta C) Museveni D) all the above

Is the word Museveni in

A) future tense B) present tense C) never ending tense D) past tense

What is Uganda’s main economic activity?

A) Partying B) corruption C) agataliko nfufu D) Rolex?

What’s the most common disease in parliament?

A) dozing, B) snoring C) nodding disease D) day dreaming

How long does a speech have to be for MPS to start snoring?

A) 13mins B) 12mins C) 11mins D) don’t matter

What’s the alternative name for thief in Uganda?

A) Kazinda B) Govt official C) MP D) all the above

Who is the richest man in Uganda?

A, kazinda B, Bassajjabalaba C, Bigirimana

If Besigye’s eyeball radius is 12cm what’s is the volume if the sun

G+H+O+S+T= A) soldier B) teacher C) pensioner D) Doctors

Which of the following jobs will quickly Make YOU a BILLIONAIRE?

A) PS in prime minister’s office B) marathon runner C) president D) ghost civil servant

Where is lord mayor Lukwago’s office?

A) CPS B) City hall C) Besigye’s home? D0 Mengo

Which ministerial post was SEYA DENIED?

A) fortportal B) portpolio C) fortpolio D) fortfolio

Draw a diagram to show how a ray of light behaves when it strikes

A) Otunnus head B) Musevenis head C) Besigye’s eye balls D) Otafires chicks

What is the emergency transport from Bwaise?

A) boda boda B) pioneer easy bus C) canoe

Write a short story on the following in present tense

A) Qute Kaye B) Ziggy Dee C) Red Banton D) Tool man

Structured questions???

1. Write NRM in full (start……………..twakoowa)

2. Calculate the area of Golola Moses mouth given that its length is 12cm and width twice the radius of Besigye’s eyeballs

3. Which Ugandan musician has the most hit songs, biggest house and most beautiful house but does the most house work

4. How much did your father have to embezzle to promise you a international trip after PLE

5. English; Begin a sentence with zingididi………………

6. How many potholes are in Kampala (round to the nearest thousandth?)

7. English; abantu bakoowu…………………………… (Add a suitable question tag)

8. English; insecticide is to mosquitoes as …………………….is to Besigye.

9. If Golola received 12 punches how many times did he fall on the floor?

10. How do you know she wants D, she says any word with a D in it

11. If Allen Kagina collects Ugx 142bn in taxes, how much goes to Bassajjabalaba

12. Who owns a bigger car Bebe cool or Bobi Wine (use of relevant diagrams earns extra marks)

13. Maths; kazinda+20 billions=…………………………….. (Extra marks for method)

14. Arsenal and Uganda a Cranes football teams share a lot in common. Discuss

15. Calculate the number of red cards and referees needed to get man u on top of the table

16. Write in full A) FOMO B) LOL C) SMGDH D)DM

17. Why did Zuena quit something she didn’t start doing? Discuss

18. English tugambire kujenifer …………….. (Re write beginning Jennifer)

19. If you were born before the year 2000, what’s the probability that you birth place was moved?

20.Explain using diagrams why Straka cannot use boda bodas (use of relevant diagrams will earn extra marks)

21. The higher you go the cooler it becomes, explain what happens when you go to Bududa

22.In which year did Kasangati become a police station
approximately how many litters of JIK does a traffic officer in Wandegeya need per week

23.Discuss how many uniforms does police have

24.How many districts are there in Uganda??

25.what did people use for lighting before UMEME innovated darkness


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