Crash landed UFO in my compound and my Alien friends

Last night I was served an over dose of my own hallucination call it a bad dream thanks to my fascination with UFO’s. It all happened in my dream and the setting was our village home in the wee hours of the night under a clear moon light.

Me and my siblings were playing and joking outside the house when to our surprise a shadow started eating the ground we were playing on. Looking up were objects shaped more like balloons floating aimlessly in an up and down pattern in the sky and they were not one, two they were four. They were brightly coloured and had flashing lights and on close inspection they looked like they were on a spying mission and were not leaving any time soon. That’s when I started screaming

‘Somebody bring the camera’

On getting the camera to focus on the balloon like figures in the sky three more emerged just over the roof where they seemed to be floating and caught me off guard as they looked like they had been there a while. No sooner had I flashed the camera than the balloon like objects disappeared in a blinker of an eye. The place then became pitch black as before as though nothing had happened the last few seconds. On close inspection of the photo it emerged that the balloon like objects had a window and behind it’s glazed windows their seemed to be a human like figure that was staring down at us.

Moments later reminiscing about those events we came across a hole where we had over heard some rattles or muffling. At first we thought it was one of those huge African snakes in the hole so we got out our sticks just in case the snake proved to be big headed. At the entrance we poked the hole and a human like figure seemed to be coming out but was like being pulled back by another that lay deeper in the hole. To show we were not aggressive we dropped our sticks and opened our hands as a sign we were wanted peace not war. Slowly the human like figure came out of the hole followed by another that seemed to be the more aggressive of the two and also not so friendly by the way he was acting all moody.

The two human figures had ashy bodies that were black and their skin seemed to be pretty hard by the look of it although they shined and reflected the night’s moon light. Their faces were rough with protruding tentacles and even though we didn’t speak the same language we looked to be on the same wavelength in terms understanding what they are saying. We invited them to our parent’s court yard. At the door my father was standing at a distance facing the reed fence and he looked like he was sick and tired of chasing a stubborn wild rabbit. When he turned he looked at our two alien friends and at what looked like a nod of his head it’s like the aliens had been given instructions to pursue the flying wild rabbit. Funny thing is instead of taking the direction the rabbit had taken which was the left they instead took the right as though to meet the rabbit head-on and them aliens left at break neck speed almost disappearing in the wind of the night and were back within seconds of leaving rabbit in hand.

Inside the house they started narrating to us who they are but what struck me was their description of their view on the earth’s equator which to them is marked by letter G. To them the earth is hanging at an axis at a certain angle and our East and West to them is North and South with its equator running through the river Nile and on their map it was blinking letter G on the Nile River at a place near NNamasagali in Uganda that I think they had come to see. They were still explaining the last piece of information when I woke up…………………………………………………..


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