Do’s and Don’ts of Condom use!

Don’t use it twice…..

Don’t use it on a dry surface

Don’t wear more than one

Put it on only when hard

Eat your goodies knowing it can burst

Don’t substitute Baby’s balloons as a Condom

Don’t use expired ones

Don’t give Blow Jobs when it’s on

Don’t hit hard like you being pursued

Don’t panic when you have it on, because you are safe

After copulation Get out quick before the little man deflates or it may stay indoors

Don’t try doggy style chances of bursting a so high

Put it on the penis not other places

Ensure to change it during a three some before inserting in another party

Don’t wash it because you are using it for the second time

Don’t put on two of them because rumour has it that the chic is extra sick

Use it only on side dishes. With wife, don’t bother

Don’t forget to shake before use

Don’t wear it

Lastly don’t use cheap ones from the flea market


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