School notes are such a waste of time

You wake up very early every morning from the time your bones got steel under the guise of that short phrase on your badge
‘We are leaders of tomorrow’
Toiling each day flirting and caressing educations half-brother called notes. His is their when you are drowsy in class and my worst friend during exam time. Years of studying I have a large cache of his many colours. Recently he even got soft friends who crawl the internet and just because I had my name added to the university register they sleep soundly in my laptop hoping that one day I read them but I don’t. My aunt had notes dating to the time when she couldn’t even write properly but its twenty first century and am breaking the jinx since there are no jobs add all those who make money are either stealing or innovating or hoarding it through those lame economic figures. The two I don’t have a grain of either so I came up with a sill thing to do with my school notes.
I read this off ‘ignorance blog’ and sorry you Google don’t have this in his memory the other day I went to the toilet to deposit my mail and the silly place didn’t have the necessary items like toilet paper. So am transferring a bunch of my school wastes called ‘my notes’ and using them as toilet paper under the guise of saving our trees that will ease global warming by a notch I hope. The decadence down that black hole will be dependent on the marks inscribed on the front page of those damn notes. Items like how to be rich will go in first since I have failed to achieve that since when Jesus walked the earth. The pizza delivery man recently dumped a huge collection of boxes at my house imprinted with those glossy ‘one pizza for the family’ but sorry this is African and pizza is an alien thing only for those in the city who have sat on the big steel bird that flies in the sky. But that don’t mean I miss out on the mischief as I still wrap my sweet road samosa and snacks into them but care must be taken onto which paper gets wrapped into. You don’t want to use that note where the teacher warned you about your poor math,
For it’s through maths that I can use them as bait for new gal. Of cause the village girls don’t read too good but a quick flash of hey behind that beautiful smile was at school and missed you, wrap mukene in there, wall papers, use for writing love letters, the English on them will come in handy that your boy went through school just count the back boards I have seen…………………………………………………………


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