I didn’t know she was a piece of meat

Her face was iced inch perfect to grace cosmopolitan magazine and when she spoke we never wanted her to stop till the old day said so. She stitched every word from her lips into our brains like china made sewing machines. She held her own in arguments like Mariah Carey holding the high notes dragging us to heaven with every parting of her lips. A thought of her was like visiting the corner for our dose of holy marijuana. Her blushes were like brushing lilies past your nose her five inch frame was built for the Oscars. She was awesomely sweet in her Prada and didn’t need make up to look a cutie. When she passed the corner the dogs said nadda for she was the bench mark of pure. All lips locked into whistles celebrating this Christmas come early and the wind paid salute as it swarm back stroke through her hair. The book of Song of Songs in the bible was scripted off her like Nazi made type writers writing war codes. Her finger dipping in wine was like listening to a lullaby and her appearance at the bar had the effect of a pig a tornado. UN sober heads sobered up as everyone got a sip of this holy water and got a once in a lifetime baptism. Pointing as she sat on her own pedestal like a new Ferrari flying over our potholed roads. Many say she was the reason of the increased hiccups in the area and the reason why the number of crimes in the town had drastically fallen but the accidents were sky rocketing like gas prices. Her dresses always stayed on point like a desmalicity and she left our lower member standing erect like south Asian rice eating cobras.

Her movements were never known to any of the members of the town as we viewed her appearance as a blessing. She was out of our league and we never bother to wonder what part of heaven our little angel always disembarked from. Was it on the early bus from behind the sun under the horizon? Did she come with the season for every time the money poured she seemed to frequent our humble abode more than usual? No amount of reason ever looked fat enough to feed this daunting mystery neither did we ever want to hurt her by prodding into who she was or best for in our hunger for more we somehow believed she would one day bring one of her sisters to town to get known to us her faithful followers.
Then one day these boys who have gone to the white man’s land and read their books and written down their knowledge on pieces of paper came and started planting steel metals in the town. They gave and taught everyone how to use this small black box to talk to people far away in the village. I remember talking to my mother and that man called it a phone. Days later they gave us a machine that looked like a television but unlike the TV. This machine you would tell it what you wanted and it would reply and its pictures never danced like for the TV. He called it a computer and it had answers for everything so I asked it the mysterious gal. Kaboom there she was all moaning away under the strength of a humongous black man. Initially we thought it was a fake then we asked again this time being as precise as a debt collector and the machine flooded the first page with only her results marked X-rated and she was having sex with nearly each of the men in the videos. The men who gave us the machine said she was a porn star who made money through having sex in front of a camera with other men. That’s how she was earning a living and mystery of her over us was solved from our small world.



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