Instead of accepting defeat I rather spoil


Normally the weak win arguments by finishing off on a high for am practically a small dude even a mosquito I think is bigger than me but we don’t got the same size of brain. Instead of engaging in battle of strengths there is a chance I will bite where it hurts the most and fly off with the first reflex. So during an argument I look out for that time and I see you pulling great strides towards victory and throw in my poetic summary would be if you waste one sec then 60 of them before you know you will have wasted a full day equalling to no work done.

That to a bright coloured is a scream from the abyss saying end of chapter please move. Hence anything you say after this will be used against you in the courts of law. For it’s no work done more like washing and spreading in the mud just like that.

The ladies know all about summarising poetically though it’s implemented with cold war justice. After a tops turves Tom and Jerry run around an argument with no clear winner she will flash the stop sign in your face then supplement it with a whatever you want phrase’

Over an ice cold shoulder lean so it’s up to you with you lowly is to play check mate and either play along or keeping talking to yourself like a street preacher. It’s a free world jam packed with emancipation of all nature where egos fill literally text of

‘Am at the same pedestal as you and easing myself while squatting does nothing to change a thing brother. I go to better schools than you that not even your dreams can enrol and when I wear a dress I indecently dress for the flour son’

A couple of day’s back I went to check on my recess results and the marks went appeasing. All they endeavoured to do was water my eyes and dishearten me darkening my academic future. First was the finger point about so and so who was not doing enough for a certain so and so. This was the trait worshipped and praised by each of us as we glazed the glass casing. Sometimes the tempers flew off pan and we moved to and fro demonically possessed this UFO look the theorists would have had a field day watching us go about. But as usual like the Hollywood movies the star never dies and we threw in span into the works for instead of spoiling I rather spoil. One student screamed any way it’s not me who created education neither stated so fuck it.


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