This mysterious chick


The other day I bumped into my homie not talking about the type to veil himself with bombs to watch the twin towers fall. He were the bright future creating type like Mitt Romney at the bar we paid our taxes and he started to run me through his conquests straight out. After boring I with his half-hearted trials I told him let me introduce you to my Monalisa with a straight eyebrow and lashes. 

I first met this chick through ironically my dad who talked about her even in front of mums face yet instead of throwing tantrums woman replaced her face with a blank look. Only thing she said to me was that if you don’t concentrate boy you will watch yourself end up like your uncle out of pockets with holes in his pants and hanging on the block drinking cheap beer with the little bums around the corner of our house. Do you want to be the one chasing the chicken around for the slaughter instead of sitting at the high table reading a newspaper while you wet your lips??

          I took this advice with both lips like she who lost their virginity and used to the bumpy ride. Years and years I watched young moons grow old and the higher I went up it stupid didn’t come cooler all it became hotter. Stuff became more complicated and all the time only the tough kept moving on like that. Holiday time it was never time to turn my swag but to switch it off like an unpaid electric bill and get ready to sweep this sleeping beauty off her feet into my hands and grand pa had warned that she demands for experience like cigarette addicted calling for another puff.  I got a brush with her through a blind date though on part time basis from my Indian friend. The pay was hanging around doing what she tells you and ironically the mean daughter of eve couldn’t not even throw a flying kiss down my direction. My colleague at the Indian fellas place even complained that he had given up on her; he had turned to gambling and betting for that elusive kissing for waiting around for the elusive from miss I got it all was never go pay the bills for real.

Mama said that to get grips with her I needed time lengthy enough so these short holiday blips were not go work at all. Best time to way lie was vacation while headed to university. At vacation that insensitive lady, she complained about my hair. She complained that the locks reminded her of the vagabonds who roam the street waiting for hand outs but never willing to put flesh to steel and make it work. She was not impressed with the locks that were drowning my Facebook page with likes. Even tool periodic steps and interfered with my time to Facebook and tweeting was forbidden for those little birds soiled her manicure and even she wanted to know what’s in my email and what gal I was plotting for weekend. I started appearing late at my own dates and was rear when meeting my friends since she was working me late.

At that Time University created animosity and I at first had to dump her for some time but was forced to go looking for her in the evening to match dad’s shallow pockets. She was willing to take me on as my sugar mama to meet my endless needs even providing my boxers with no hinges. She even was willing to donate me coins that I would give at the offertory box and the beers I made rain on my friends.

At graduation like a jealous lover littered every body’s speech even the priest yet the dude is celibate. Since she got me now trust me even my own gal is like a mirage in my schedule. We never meet as lunch is at my desk and even the skimpily dressed receptionist with those sumptuous brown thighs can’t make my member stand. This chic always giving me lap dances of report deadlines, field trips and market share strategies that have to be met before the end of the year. Am told even in old age she haunts you like crazy no wonder grand pa is pushing his retirement age to any figure that will see him to his grave for he got to work even though his back is crookedly straight. I recently met him and grand pa asked by the way how you fairing with the new girl …………………………….JOBssssssssssssssssss???????????



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