Imagine if twitter existed in these movie scenes

We live in such  a fast paced world that sometime for me to visit grand pa  I have to check Google maps to just to double check that where am going is the right place. Even burials in my own village sometimes I verify those using sms and if my phone does nit blip then probably am to miss that event. Recently I watched pearl harbor the movie 10 years late since I had to wait all those years for a chance to grab it free off the internet since at the time it was the talk of town the internet connection in my town was a myth, an abuse to our intellectual abilities of the time. The few sites that existed at the time were as static as the independence monument that has seen it all and for them to load on the screen of your CRT monitor literally the whole cafe had to be empty thus you had the lion’s share of the band width. So in this movie skipping the formalities and how the story was moving and stuff, first I have to thank the military Intel of years gone by at how you could manage to gather information across the Atlantic Ocean with all its size and decord it at the same time. But that’s not my point for I imagine that’s why they were paid and even got the chance to carry those pips on their shoulders and my grand dad didn’t cause he was a farmer.
in the movie when the Japanese planes start flying into American airspace they are greeted by of cause simple law abiding families going about their everyday business posing for timeless photographs, playing baseball and stuff. Off cause going by the tools of the time all I they could do was look on as the planes rained in their hundreds across their quiet homes with depending on your knowledge could tell they are military planes and depending on your exposure could identify from which countries.
Imagine the same situation happening today where even babies are armed with iPhones equipped with the latest pixel camera and it’s considered too remote if you live in a place with no Wi-Fi connection and all of a sudden everyone would be snapping the skies showing the invaders. Internet connection on all these social sites would be buzzing of the invaders enclosed in the craziest word play one would master at that time. Of cause am not that it would be serious but as more and more people get tagged into all of a sudden it starts trending and every one all of a sudden is aware of what is going on half a globe away.

And pearl harbor is not the only unique movie I have watched where this kind of stuff happens, if you watched black hawk down the military bloody movie about Somalia then you can quickly identify this scene with me. At the time at Americans launch the assault and start flying over the guerrilla air space I bet if that rag tag army of guerrillas had their smart phones which is the case in today wars somehow I don’t think the Americans would have got it any easier as they any way had assumed. Of cause the Somalis were silently a head of their time and had planted kids at the edge of the city in strategic areas with the main intention of alerting the combatants of any invaders which they somehow always performed well but this social net was not as fluid since it didn’t t tell we who were miles way form the action so we could poke fun them silly war mongers in our small minded craniums that can’t leave things for the generals to the generals.


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