Domestic colonization of love

Several times what we see is not what we get and usually the book you judge by the cover does not match up to that crisp review on its spine. You meet me at the bar tossing to one beer then the next just to cheer and before we laughing to nothing. Slowly carefully dreading the humps ahead sign you start feeling me like what am saying is written in Braille so off dumping our problems with reckless abandon we kiss our past miss giving your smile inviting like ‘a donate’ to us icon on your face for its playing website here. Like a Good Samaritan is giving the return favour for one good hand deserves five in return. One word leads to another which leads to phrases of the five word unspoken story of I love you and been long lonely even the clouds over my town been scarce but since I met you it even what’s to rain to wash away the feelings of solitude. Behind that smile is someone who been their done it and it has been done to them that you fighting back with that warm smile. Your past is something you shelving away and me is supporting you like a rehab clinic. Step by step we will make it past what we feeling now for it irreplaceable.
The funny thing with love it never loses its scars like a Cheeter even when passed through a Samsung washer. I mean what you passed through and got you hear will somehow find a way of slipping that tight lid you drooped on it. Just like in the old days of the missed 60’s, the early days are fucking fun as we toss to everything that breaks a smile across our faces and loads pixels in our Kodak camera just like in the days when African countries were getting independence. The hope is blinding and we walking the tight rope as companions with time our guide and map is friend enough. That man is our leader but leaders are human and tend to lean back and forth for closure. Old habits that are identified are blinded with talk of
‘Hey, who said the way they loved is the way is meant to love. This is us and we shall get their together just have faith. Besides we are young and as such great things come with time’
That when loneliness and demand for a listening ear begins growing like a hidden pregnancy in a school uniform and phrase like man is never an island start to make sense. Thai when borrowing simple grants and donations from our past colonial master would not hurt. I mean it’s just little talking and getting support
‘For we were once friends so I see no reason to turn back once in a while for little you know’
But wait a minute is this where little start to grow like the floating islands of Dubai. In the beginning it’s for exploration then mere arguments on belief like faith and hey we go to the same church that preacher says don’t hate a brother son. Fellowship comes with tea then a few sips of the bitter drink just one for the road. Even poor past leaders did it from their colonial master so love to can play by the same rules for starters. With time hell breaks loose and we usually turn to our history. I remember the time of colonisation where our then leaders referred to as current then were claiming a now change had finally arrived. Education or loving is like the years those leaders spent pretending to read garnering experience that out ancestor decreed will come with age represented by grey hair. You slip out relationship one after the other expecting not to fall for the same type since the grass is greener ahead but we never learn. Down the road you slowly starting to wonder how you got into this,
‘I mean he not the same guy I met in that stupid bar, he lost the flair and most times he looks just like my EX with less compassion but more fights for this love sucks like mosquitoes’
Wish I could rewind time to escape this domestically colonised love for there is no difference between him and now.


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