splint books

These books with words splinted on their spines asking for longevity, honesty make me take a second look when I see the loads that make up reality. They don’t whisper the right lingo but scream nonsense that sinks in my dimpled about working and living simple with in my means. That pillow talk of life is a process upgrading day by day where it’s not about creating history but wiping it and slashing the numbers as new wants are splashed our way. The legacy is in having the latest before general motors’ sends another off that chain line. Sipping from the coolest before your job is thrown in doubt amid clouds of turbulent tides in the world economy. Career limiting statements in reality are the life healing tonic. Said at the right time add melody and a good thing onto longevity in turbulent pedestal led in recession.

Public service is the right place to rock your goat and swirl the boat through personalising offices the old way and we carry the dreams embedded in laziness disrespect of authority stitched in corruption ready to play the tribal card after committing a crime and getting caught is what that academia won’t warn you or test you’re at that random test over a sober head. To get the funds in really quick only your pen should do the maracana dance onto official documents at the sign here instruction on the page and if need be so then signing documents in absentia can be the messiah as you don’t want that juicy dollar slipping by exposing your muddy trail. Setting up meetings at your private ranch shows big signs of the ambition within and to kill the deal rather work in board rooms instead of four by four dingily lit offices provided for by the public service. And if you wired to get rich without trying then carrying street smart ways into corporate structures is the master stroke of the genius. Black berries, iphones and clutter free offices drenched in absorptive freshener reduce your clients into impact thin thinks hanging onto the bite on the apple logo, your honesty is manifested to the blind and the executive turns at your every whim making people shake shake the mango tree hiding and allocating you funds stacked up in form of gratitude’s that are tax free while harassing the local peasant to pay taxes as they support the lavish lifestyles of the society cream Della cream think tanks. Meetings call for obedience tagged in quick smart word play as you don’t want your boss asking did you talk as i was talking because you are buying into his vision because we all about results looking for model employees that fit my team. If you not certain contact me at Serena

The numbers game is not for puritans as they supervise

The offices turned into negations tools throwing around wrongly named funds and letter asking them for accountability yet they don’t even know how to write their funds.


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