Mr authority

Dear Mr Authority hoping you doing well in your confined hanging in that juicy job running around putting everything in place. I have seen the number of changes you have made since you swore in couple of days and nights ago. I have been forced to like them, am even inviting them as my Halloween dates since you always remind me you have the authority to do as you wish since this is your campus. You have entered our hearts too deep you even know which kind of roomies we are meant to share rooms with. You are our brain thinking for us on whether we need to change or not. You know how young we are that we can’t manage to sleep in single rooms since you know we need guidance as though you are our fathers.

Your smile is a long and everlasting like the new moon with its virginity still intact. I like it by the way the changes you made are nice like a cold night with the love of your life dancing to the stars. Your vocabulary is so expansive the only phrase you know is “we have no space” I like that actually I used it to get my new girlfriend, you should see how she giggled ear to ear. You are a one man committee to whom consulting is not an option since you know me better am surprised you have not asked me whether I brushed this morning. Wonder whether you ever look at yourself in the mirror and remember those old days as you squeezed the truth out of a government you deemed not benevolent enough to justify the lack of service delivery to the hopeless living at the bottom of the food chain.

Am told your coolest friend is that man with a tie whom you told about our dirty dealings and the number of lovers we had. Did it concern you any way and is that what is in your job description for the last time I checked that wasn’t your work but you know me and English aren’t lovers hence am lost of knowledge for across the table we all talk about how we have all these glowing plans to change the wrong we see in the current governments and when the opportunity falls many of course change and because I mean we have changed from commoners to leaders over flowing with authority.


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