love me for me!!!!!!!!!!

Once a friend confided in me that he was having marital problems whatever that means but I remember he said that everything was as he assumed going great until one morning that his love of quiet a number of moons to ditched his signature bangles for gentle man watches. Initially he obliged and ditched them but days later she came up with another idea that he drops the jeans he had and was known for more formal wear initially when they were going on outings and other formal events. But these functions didn’t take long before she started demanding that she couldn’t appear with him in public unless he had any of the clothes she deemed fit in her eyes.

He reluctantly obliged like any smitten lover in his infant stage although with unease since he didn’t want to break a love that had seen him go places. However he couldn’t take it any more when she started acting like she didn’t want certain people he referred to as friends, those he had before he met her and those he had met during their love. According to her she was doing it for the sake of their love because that’s what it takes. This when he decided to pull a plug on the relationship and call it quits with his tail between his legs.

Thus that’s when I ask why do people want to change others into images of what they want them to be not who they are. I thought initially you fell in love with me for the things and image I carried around me. You fell for the way I wore, and talked but after taking you in now you changing me. I know of a friend who asked his girl to stop drinking now we bar attendees have no one to toss bottles of alcohol with. I mean the one you can use to hoodwink the bar congregation into believing you got the wordplay to pierce Barbie’s heart.

Could it be a form of insecurity that may be I am not worth you expected me to be but now want to change me to that image of the person you probably missed out. Some friend of mine even said that their lover was pushing them to dress into the image of their fantasy lovers while some into images of their past lovers. I know of some friends who no longer listen to certain genres of music but have taken on the genre of their lovers sharing romantic times that are written into times very fabric.

So if you really want me to change me thought it’s meant to be voluntary and not you creating me a certain script that am meant to follow onto and fit a certain stereo type that you deem gentle manly yet you fell for the half hazard person you met on those lonely street down heart break road.


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