Hi Miss district


I had you getting 25 more brothers flying from across the horizon as far as the eye can see well armed with services bringing them in humongous numbers closer to the people or those you can find who fit the description you got from those high places.

I have been wondering how you came is it because I sent that stupid SMS get district to 9797 or is it because that black who ran away from Africa to America said he coming to Uganda that you decide to manifest your ugly face because ever since I saw you the last time, I suggest you should pay a visit to your other brothers, they have lost value like the Uganda shilling versus the dollar

Am told you come with jobs but the last time i went to the headquarters, I could not find anybody to serve me even Google maps in his drunken stupor said he had never heard about you. Rumour has it that your jobs are mainly political in nature for RDCS, CAOs and other nothing doers because the doors were labelled funds not yet availed to host and interview new candidates for the posts available.

You see i always hung at whole food restaurant and you are carnivorous eating anything so am wondering if i should turn my plot of land into one since all you need is open space and i have some i have failed to develop like for the last God knows how many years.

It also gets hard to trust you, 137 in number wonder if i fall in love with you won’t you leave me for dust as you move on more also how did you get your funds for am told teachers have been lobbying for donkey years at no avail how you get yours, is it orders from above where we who look horizontal like pigs never look.

Others say you a diversionary tool by the central govt to spread the eating as people don’t fight for power at the central. I hear you create so called jobs that are political in nature. Hand people small countries to rule as they forget the bigger picture for am told the policy is to they pay administration juices and salaries before anything else. That means the promises of clean water and good roads will lie idle in your confines.

Others claim you trying to take over the marital home from the official wife for you are luscious snake and shine right into the man’s heart. You are throwing out the house girls called counties for they been bad cooks and you are in to share the national cake from the same table like those ladies at weddings skilled at dissecting other people’s wedding cakes but not theirs.


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