sickening truth

I writing this hoping you don’t find me guilty my eye molecule block by block sipping swift for judging others every Sunday as I watch their lips spray with joy holding babies under the stigma bundles of joy with their teeth yellow and white reminding myself poking my nose in their business for their fragrance is incense built of the greatest quality standing strategically at the church pouch to let in friends who swarm by in quantity their happiness piercing the gloomy serene at the church for I came here meek as a sheep ready for slaughter from the ranch called a church, their blood red shoes reminding me of the blood he shed for moi sinking in their warmth emanating regret sinning with all those hoes as I searched in the abyss for my masculinity. No wonder for the last 20mins his sculpture has been staring down at me stone called on their rosaries and church crosses with a ting of similarity but it has failed to tempt me into contempt for denial is my familiarity excuses is a true love the only dove posted on my stove but reality won’t get us a priest to guide us down the aisle.

My ears keep twitching around like owl eyes picking up sounds as they reminisce about their weddings pivoting them as their ‘big days’ yet my equivalent is the day I managed to drink beer and realised that’s its expired for before anything went long as it had ‘my favourite written round its bummy bosoms’ its not until a girl floats by that a smile is stretched across this temporary stupor am sinking into their talk of true love creating debate in my empty cranium

What’s true love, a hollow voice yells as a smartly clad young holds their baby really close and I breathe with a snigger as some fool replies one that leads to marriage in church, ordained by a pretender wearing a church cassock under the approval of society amidst friends as my soul looks for hangar to lean on and laugh

Really? What do these bunch of fools feed on I ask, her beauty I say you maintain with your sweat called salary and to get into her pants, I continue you lied to her promising her a lifetime of happiness in a land where dreams come true. You swore that her cup would never get empty and her body would never get cold. You wrapped these lies under ‘vows’ and packaged them in a wedding with matching splendour and galore but you never wrote it anywhere but claim time will be your witness my clock keep running and has never taken a break so I wonder where you will get him to swear by that bible as your prime witness.

My legs clap and my hair etch up like the Eiffel tower as I recollect my lousy thoughts and ask do people learned like this believed in unenlightened promises. I don’t know for they all seem happy like prostitutes who have sold extra of that UN diminishable good in the night.

But me I love my style, I buy it fuck it and move on yet I float on with even extra happiness like a baby who just released shit in her pampers but is sitting on it and smiling cooking in audible words love….marriage in the same line that it comes free of charge yet we say we modern and are taught to think large really somebody is lying who attended Gods marriage if I may ask, and nothing is new under the sun, then where did he copy it from was Google there????


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