Forget the 3cs but i want you


Back in high school I was told campus is that place you go to and come home feeling obese so that when you come home obesity won’t let you do any house chores since they don’t mix. It’s a place you realise Smirnoff is not a type of dance and pizza is not a gangster movie from Italy but a bigger more modern brother of Rolex prepared by a non Musoga though I wonder how the Basoga managed to copy that technique.

But coming to Busitema and Namasagali to be exact bambi we don’t have our diet and dates are rural like the baboons people compare us to when we suddenly pop up in their conversation. So when I say am taking you out my sweet potato this what I mean.

Rural people hate oily foods for fear of gaining weight and chicken is for big days like Easter and birthdays so don’t expect to ask me mbu chicken tonight or fish fillet when I ask you on a date though Mukene is plentiful and can be a dangerous substitute if feel like being spoilt by me on a date. If you want to feed the biggest then prepare to do a bend over as I will buy a raw one then you can cook it if you don’t mind spoiling your cutex.

The second C is chips but unfortunately here they sell us cassava fried in yesterdays cooking oil and since plain chips is cheap, she gives you 4 sticks at 100 a piece because rural towns don’t accommodate many queues mbu you want to poop and if you adventurous try our sausage potatoes that goes down easy porridge youghat for easy drinking and great testing on your first date. If you want some more my friend master chef can prepare you a yummy plate of amukeke with gnut paste. It’s good for your skin because ki kola nga samona.

I know you at this stage screaming I will jump onto a cellular and chat away with my homies in town. But sorry you simply erase the third C my friend. Busitema is pursuing excellence and such ways easily erode your excellence here network was evicted like demons at church service or pigs loitering at a mosque the monkeys have turned electricity lines into swings for their children and babies because they presume they are nurseries, the poles have been dug up to and deposited at mama Fahimas place to book lunch by students thus absence of network in the area. Thus forget your 3cs like Erias Lukwago forgot his dream of a new organised Kampala city.

That’s how we love in Namasagali my dear cutie pie.


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