See the other day I went shopping for new shit to pimp my swag for the new semester. And for me to go shopping I need sun to disappear in the waste lands of Kabale umeme chucks in Kampala and Madame Musis gets humped by Erias the lukwago.

So I have identified a list of items that are a new pair of long sleeved shoes with some muzigo on them, you know the ones you smile at and they show you your image of how you have not brushed for a good number of days.

And for the trousers I will need to pimp it up with those warid pesa man like trousers. You know the ones that shaped like funnels. Wide at the top down the hips and then they suddenly shrink at the knees as though I have stopped feeding my clothes.

Also I saw this boy Chris wear these pin strip ties last semester and these days’ women hate dresses thus I will shop them in all colours and turn them into the ties of my life. I know even lecturers like mr gundi will also begin wearing ties all I need is to get Bwire to wear them once and tuli mukintu.

My grandfather recently passed on RIP blood yet the boy had sleek long sleeved shirts that he used as his bed wear. These busgirls call them night dresses. I also read mbu fashion is going back into the older years kati I will get these night shirts wear them and nobody will even know because these dot com kids tebasoma history always facebook, bitwitter mbu live chat, current affairs wait till they love my dress code shining in all the bright colours like Besigyes new ideas for walk to work.

Then come those saying youth no longer support culture especially Baganda me I will get a strip of mbugo make a belt for myself and dip it in badblack to match my outfit. Then finally shave my head black like the son of kaguta to show them am in kintu and they will ask for another rap


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