‘I never enjoyed sex with my muzungu Greenhalgh’ reveals Bad Black

I am split between feeling sorry for her and feeling remorse for some one who could snoop so low to fulfil some ones gothic sexual desires. it also brings to the fore of how impartiality of our justice system and the banking sector. How can a bank take deposits of up to a billion shillings and never as where the money is coming from. Also how can a police officer get up to 50million and no eye brows is raised.

read on for the full story as the woman every Ugandan girl dreamt of being tells the real woman that the shining pages of Red Pepper couldn’t show……..

excepts from the Observer news paper



HORRIBLE FEELING: Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black

Bad Black pins lover on blackmail, reveals she bribed CID officers with millions

Shanita Namuyimbwa (SN) aka Bad Black, who is charged with embezzling Shs 11bn from her 53-year-old British lover, David Greenhalgh, and, together with her friend, Meddie Ssentongo, is further charged with two other counts of conspiring to defraud Davishan Development company of $9m, yesterday gave her defense before the Anti-Corruption Court, in which she revealed details of her social life.

Namuyimbwa, who appeared before Justice Catherine Bamugemereirwe (Judge), spoke in Luganda through an interpreter, led by her lawyers, Sam Muyizzi (SM) and Julius Galisonga (JG). She was later cross-examined by state prosecutor, Paul Lakidi (PL), and Ssentongo’s lawyer, Isaac Walukagga (IW).

Namuyimbwa gave her testimony in a no-holds-barred manner, littered with vulgar expressions, which got even the trial judge occasionally laughing. When the defense lawyers seemed to have been taken up, using obscenities in their questioning, Justice Bamugemereirwe cautioned them to use more courtly language.  She frequently reminded the amused court-goers that they were supposed to be silent in court, and asked those that felt offended by the language to leave.

“Please keep order in court; this is very serious!” the judge warned, before sending one court-goer out for loitering about in court.

Siraje Lubwama of the observer newspaper recorded the proceedings.
SM: (After taking oath) briefly tell court about yourself.

SN: My Lord, my name is Shanita Namuyimbwa and some people call me Bad Black, a name Red Pepper newspaper gave me. I’m 22 years old, a Muslim and I reside at Munyonyo in Makindye division. I deny the three counts against me. I was a sex worker for four years, beginning 2005.

My objective of selling my body was to get money. I started practicing commercial sex work as an intern and I gained experience in 2008. Although on average, I earned $200 a day, especially during weekends, from about three clients, this was a hand-to-mouth income because it was only enough to feed me and my child then. I targeted Caucasian people because they had dollars, which I was most interested in.

SM: When did you first meet David?
SN: I first met David Greenhalgh in June 2009 at the Rock Gardens [at Speke hotel in the city centre], from where I was operating. He became obsessed with me and we exchanged telephone contacts that night. We later had drinks at Speke hotel, where I spent the night with him after negotiating a price.

He had promised to give me Shs 200,000 for the night, but when I asked for more, he offered me Shs 300,000. I enjoyed sex that night because I was making money. We developed a friendship and he rented a house for me at Makindye — a different place from where I currently live.

David later bought me a house at Munyonyo and promised to do whatever I asked after we had built a deep relationship. We moved to Munyonyo and I used to stay alone because I was six months pregnant, and another man, from Portugal, who was a friend to David, was responsible for the pregnancy.

SM: How many children do you have now?
SN: I now have three children. The oldest, Marjorie Nabatanzi, is five years old, Jonathan [the Portuguese’s child] is two years and four months old, and Divine Greenhalgh is three weeks old. I was still a sex worker when I had my first child.



I asked David to give me money to start a boutique business. And, because I had dropped out of school in Senior Two (S.2), I asked him to pay for me to pursue studies at an institute in Nakawa, but he feared that men would snatch me from him because, all this time, David knew me as a sex worker.

SM: Did you continue with commercial sex work after meeting David?
SN: I stopped being a commercial sex worker one month after I met David because he used to give me a lot of money. I asked for a vehicle and he bought me one. He opened a personal bank account for me at Barclays Bank. He first sent me Shs 70m. In total, he deposited Shs 1bn on my personal account.



His friend, Tumushabe brought me bank forms to open a dollar account at Standard Chartered Bank, but the account could not be opened because there were some forgeries involved. So, a dollar account was opened at Barclays bank instead, where David, who was in the country then, first deposited $600,000.

SM: In whose names was the dollar account?
SN: The dollar account was in the name Davishan Development (U) Ltd. Davishan was a short form of David and Shanita, and I was the sole signatory for this account, which was a ‘love’ account. This is where another $2m was deposited by Gershom, David’s friend. He told me he was going to deposit a lot of money on this account.

SM: What happened thereafter?
SN: David and I went to Kenya, and I asked him whether he loved me. When he answered in the affirmative, I asked him to buy me a vehicle and a house, which he did.

SM: How often did David come to Uganda?
SN: He used to come every month and would stay for three to seven days. He told me he worked with AirServices.com in London and that he had another business in Juba, among other places.

SM: Did David have offices in Uganda?
SN: He had offices at Kololo near Casablanca, on Acacia [renamed John Babiiha] Avenue. I did not have an office myself, and did not talk to him about acquiring one.

SM: How would you describe your relationship with David?
SN: Our relationship later developed from a girlfriend-boyfriend affair to man-and-wife arrangement. One day, in October 2010, he told me to wear a red dress and meet him at Speke hotel for a surprise. It was here that he gave me a gold wedding ring and we became husband and wife, with a very close relationship.

SM: Did David tell you he was married?
SN: Yes, he told me he was married but that he loved me more than his wife because she was too old and I was young. He promised to bring his two children to come and live with me once we were wedded.

SM: At this time, were you still demanding money for sex?
SN: Yes, he mainly gave me the money because of the different kinds of sex he had with me.

SM: What kind of sex did you have with David?
SN: While most of the time we had oral sex, once in a while we had vaginal sex and I used to allow him to have sex with me whenever he wanted because of the money he was giving me despite the fact that I felt pain. When at one time I resisted his pleas for oral sex and threatened to report him, he told me he would get another woman to give it to him, so I gave in. I also used to allow him to have anal sex with me, which affected me a lot.

SM: Are you still in a relationship with David?
SN: Yes, but I no longer have sex with him. He convinced me to have cosmetic surgery to expand my breasts, hips and buttocks, saying that was what he liked about African women.

Judge (interrupts): Whoever is offended by this vulgar language should feel free to leave court because this is the kind of defense the accused has (one man walks out). I hope there is no person aged below 18 years in court.

SM: Did you enjoy this kind of sex?
SM: I did not enjoy it because I was drank. There are some tablets he used to give me and other drinks similar to strawberry, which made me lose my senses and energy. The sex was not romantic, because I overslept. He used to make me suffer.

SM: My Lord, my client wants to breastfeed her baby.
Judge: Is the child exclusively breastfed?
SM: Yes, My Lord.
Judge: Let’s have a 30 minute health break.
(At 11:30am, Namuyimbwa takes the stand again, and Meddie Sentongo’s lawyer, Julius Galisonga, leads her.)
JG: Did you know where the money David used to deposit onto your account was coming from?

SN: I did not know; he only used to call to tell me, “Money has reached your account”, and I would withdraw it. I gave some of the money to him — which he used to take to Juba — and remained with the rest. For example, if I withdrew Shs 50m, he would give me Shs 20m or, at times, nothing. This went on until we got a disagreement, and I stopped having sex with him.


JG: Did you ever discuss any development project with David?
SN: No; I even don’t know what an investment is.
JG: How many statements did you make at the police?

SN: I made two. When I made the first one, the CID officers released me after giving one of them, Kalema, Shs 50m, and him promising not to take my file to court. I made the second statement between January and February 2012 after they had charged me with embezzlement and I had just been released from Luzira prison.


David pushed me to record it. He told me he would add $2m to my account if I make a statement saying I gave the money he used to give me to Meddie Ssentongo. It is at this time that he bought me an Audi.

JG: How did you share the money on the Davishan account?
SN: Whenever I withdrew the money, I gave it to David and he gave me a portion.

JG: Were you aware of the Davishan company?
SN: I first came to know about its existence when I went to withdraw the first batch of money.

JG: Did you ever hear of a company registrar?
SN: No.

JG: When was the last time David deposited money on the Davishan account?
SN: Around March this year, and that’s the last time I withdrew money from the account.

JG: Are you aware of any Davishan offices?
SN: There are no Davishan offices I am aware of. I only leant that David employed a manager in September 2011 after he had instituted charges against me.

SM: My Lord, I request to wrap up.  (To SN): You talked about surgery on your breasts and buttocks. Were you operated on?
SN: Yes. David took me to a hospital in Dubai where I was operated on, and he paid the medical bills from the Davishan account. This money included the return tickets for both of us. He also used money from the account to pay for seven trips to Nairobi.

SM: How did you use the rest of the money on the Davishan account?



SN: I bought a house in Munyonyo, a Range Rover and a BMW for myself. He also bought the other three vehicles, including a Mercedes Benz, using money from this account — they were six vehicles in total. Whenever I withdrew money, he used to advance me between Shs 10m and Shs 20m. I bought Pink Houses (an estate with several apartments) on Bombo Road, which I transferred to my mother’s names, Marian Nakyazze, on David’s request.

Besides this, I spent the rest of money on parties. On one of my birthday parties in July 2011, I spent Shs100m and David was aware of it; and this was after he had filed a complaint against me to the police.

SM: Do you know of a prosecution witness called Peter Lule, who was an engineer working at Entebbe?
SN: I don’t know him.

SM: How about Tom Mukalazi?
SN: I know this one as a thief; he stole my car, a Toyota Harrier, Reg. No. UAN 944G, and I complained about this. Mukalazi was also Meddie Ssentongo’s hanger-on. I didn’t know much about him, apart from seeing him with Meddie.

SM: And what do you know about Meddie?
SN: He was a car dealer; I bought a car from him for over Shs 150m. I had no other transaction with him. I have never discussed anything with him about my relationship with David. The alleged land purchase involving me and him is a lie.

SM: It is alleged that you conspired with Meddie to defraud David of $9m — allegedly over constructing a hotel project.


SN: My lord, I don’t understand the word project. All I know is that after David complained about me, he sent me a ‘project manager’ who testified in this court and he wanted me to transfer my property to David’s names, which I refused. At that time, my relationship with David had gone sour and I had stopped loving him, despite him giving me $1m. I had become involved in a love relationship with another man, whom David mistook for Meddie. David threatened to take me back to the village.

SM: When did David last give you money?



SN: David last gave me money when I had given birth. He even paid my hospital bill; he is taking care of the baby. He was in the country when I gave birth. He has never visited this baby, but he came to the hospital [Nsambya]. I went with David and he withdrew Shs 4m for the medical bill and another Shs 5m for shopping.

SM: But you earlier told this court that you are the sole signatory to this Davishan account.
SN: I don’t know how he did it, but he is now a co-signatory, despite the fact that I have never signed forms changing the account’s signatories. Up to now, David still accuses me of loving Meddie, yet I’m in a relationship with someone else.

SM: When did you last meet David?
SN: Last Saturday [May 26], because he is in the country. He has been in the country for the last three months and I have been meeting him throughout. He wants me to be sentenced because I refused his demand.

SM: What is the demand?
SN: He repeated this demand even yesterday [Wednesday] when we spoke on phone. He rang me and told me to come to the judge and prosecutor and do a summary statement that I gave the money to Meddie, saying when I do so, the judge will imprison me for only one year and after my release, I will have saved my property. My Lord, I recorded this conversation on my Nokia phone.

SM: Can Court access this recording?
SN: The phone is with my maid at home, but I can avail it.

SM: My Lord, we seek leave of court to produce the recording.
Judge: I’m not happy with the reasoning that the evidence was left with the maid, when the accused knew she was coming to testify. I will just take what she is stating. I must warn you that, unlike in other countries, pre-bargaining is not allowed under Ugandan law; because nobody — not even my husband with whom I share a bed — knows whether I will acquit or convict you. This should not be a prediction for anyone.


SN: Even when David met me on Friday [May 25], I did not agree with the proposal. When I refused, he warned me that I’ll suffer. We met at Kabira Country Club. David was with Chris Kwizera, who he introduced as a court broker.

SM: What did you exactly discuss?
SN: David told me that when you go to court to testify, you should not swear. He warned me that if I gave a sworn testimony, I would get imprisoned. He promised to give me Shs 200m in cash if I made a statement pinning Meddie. We discussed this on Friday and he repeated it yesterday on my small Nokia phone, fearing to call on my other mobile number known to court.

Judge: Why didn’t you tell this to your lawyer?
SN: I sometimes feel I should leave some things to myself; I feel more secure saying them in court, because I have been lied to by many people. I have given money to many people in relation to this case.
SM: You have given money to people including your lawyers?

Judge: But lawyers are entitled to their legal fees.
SN: I gave Shs 50m to one Kalema, a CID officer and another, Kawesa. One time I gave Shs 10m to one Odongpin, who promised to help me, but I think they may be thieves.

Judge: I don’t earn even half of Shs10m! In which way would you carry this money?
SN: I used to carry cash and I paid them from Kibuli CID headquarters; they lied to me that they would not arrest me. The moment I stopped paying them, they arrested me. While I was paying these CID officers, David’s lawyers were also paying me to plead guilty. David used to tell me that he did not want to imprison me, but that he was going for Meddie.

SM: Turning to the Friday meeting, why didn’t you call your lawyers?
SN: When David promised to give me money, I called Galisonga, but he said he did not want to meet with David.

SM: Anything else you want to tell court?
SN: David has made me suffer. I no longer love him because he has taken me through a lot of suffering, yet he still calls me.

SM: How much money do you still have on your account?
SN: David froze my personal account and we now sign together on the Davishan account. He put caveats on my properties.

Judge: Justice in this court is not for sale. If somebody comes to you and asks for money, it is criminal. We live within our means and you will not know which direction wind will blow on Judgment Day. Yes prosecution?

PL: You told this court that you were earning hand-to-mouth for the four years you were in the commercial sex business. How was your life after you met David?
SN: When I met David in June 2009, my life transformed from a local life because he had money, which I badly needed.

PL: What is the total amount of money you got from David?

SN: About $ 6m, and he is still looking after me. My child, Nabatanzi, is being looked after by her father, Ronald Ddamulira. I fell in love with Ddamulira in 2006, but I did not tell him I was practicing commercial sex — just as I did not tell the father of my second child [the Portuguese], whom I met in December 2006 at Rock Gardens. He keeps a low profile, but takes care of his child.

PL: How did you start the commercial work business?
SN: I began by going karaoke, and then my friend, Susan, also a prostitute, introduced me to the business in 2005. By 2008, I had acquired experience and was only targeting White clients. I was not comfortable with commercial sex, but I did it because I needed money.


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