My hands calls unto him like as my eyes get dimmer like an staring in Stevie wonders glimmers with nerves inching on keys like country steamers black and white like soulful streams their echoes screaming loud like the sin spilled milk on slick garb corners emerge round my eye balls as my heart my heart floats to my sins and drowns in regret of sins committed with the bible in the right and hate in the left fanned by an ego dipped in childish pride that’s when I feel a guilty sweat drip down of sins drip down my jaw line tears of sorry fight behind my blinds then she floats by in long heeled lamboutins short skirt with curvy bear back with heels screaming come get me if you can and a behind reminding me of the best I never had with curves so delirious like night angels on elm street my attention sinks in her blood red lips and I feel my goat gunning for my zips but I aint ready to rock the boat so am hard hanging onto the straps but my soul attaches to her lips and drips down her panty line in the process I feel an instantaneous rapid stretch down my boxer lines which gets harder and harder and par the almighty whispers come thee lost sons of Jacob


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