shit faced heart break

Sited at the bar getting shit faced events of minutes ago dilly dallying in my head shitting under the weight of my head clenching this cold beer its cold sweat dripping down its curves with every heart beat in my hand trying to maze hope in twined in their screams and tears trying to sketch innocent pictures of their shit faced eyes because a few minutes ago she got me straight shit headed I felt like a walking shit hole shit less to even go home it’s like a homeless mansion owner lounging in Rome. As the clock tick clocks I feel my locks getting heavier with each knock of the clock hand. Crowding together in the refrigerator like penguins at the Antarctica, are cold round heads calling out to me. Stretching out their little finger like God calling out Lucifer in that famous painting. Too shitted I care less to remember the name. Fighting back tears like Syrians fighting Assad’s oppression. The nickels in my thread bare pockets itching out to act as sockets to plug my leaking heart. A soul no saint can pray for and the pope can’t cleanse. I reach for them like a beggar reaching out for a dollar. Like an addict reaching out for another pint of the bitter. I order the waiter to spit a couple of more round heads so I can drink myself shit headed because the way am feeling right now is not shit hot whenever those shitty images trickle down my spine of their lips interlocking hearts knocking and love rocking I feel my tears down knocking and the same song keeps ringing back like an old phone; shite how could they shit on us


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