letter to the church

"I Am a believer in God, but not in the way that organized religion is interpreted. They are all corrupted in some fashion. They say God made man in his own image, but truthfully speaking its man who constantly remakes God in HIS own image to suit some political, economic or moral standard/goal to project on others. I have read most of the bible and the Koran. There is wisdom in those books but it is useless, and quotes me on this,
“the word of God is useless to one that can only read it and not live it”.
Islam to me is a powerful religion that is based on a mental strength and submission to God. In that submission it clears the psychological path to the other side of you. For if there is a hope in you, the dream to do good, to succeed and to prosper, and then it is only logical to assume there is another side. If life struggles to prolong itself and to maintain its existence, then something within you must work towards self-annihilation. For all the good in you there must be a part of you that lives in the complacency of failure and works toward negativity. Islam addresses that struggle; it gives people inner strength that has nothing. That’s why the church needs to destroy it. As a religion it is one of the most powerful weapons poor people have. Being one with God makes those parts of you clearer to see. I respect all people who really live by their convictions. I don’t respect those who manipulate that for some self-righteous agenda and their quest to make the world more like them."


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