Beasts of burden


As the sun kisses the horizon her energy will be in the red zone breaking the ground to feed her lean body. Creating mound after mounds that will feed the offspring because inside her tummy is another mouth to feed.

Mean while back to the humble brick wall she calls home her husband sleeps and chews of his sleep visualising water in the bathroom and hot water to fill his stomach mounds so on her way from the garden she will pass by the borehole a meeting point of others sleeping with the same devil. Using her feminine prowess as a bribe to others she waits her turn to fill a leaking jerry can.

This accompanied with few twigs and branches picked along the road that will serve as fire to heat the breakfast pot that even then refuse to light.

As the molecules light up she will be busy opening windows to close the night and welcome a new day of toil. Another welcome to the light started off with a missed word of prayer because the rules don’t give room for rest.

Toiling on her daily chores with no pay heaps of clothes to spray sparkling clean and breakfast to lie on flours that need to be mopped can make even a robot shut down but no her as she goes about her work meticulously and obediently as a catholic nun singing to beads of the Holy Grail. For any mishap calls for a reprimand like she a stray dog scavenging KCCA dumpsites


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