school days

Every one has that time in life when you just let go. I mean pour caution to wind and have a moment of fun without caring to the future. This moment of truth, I remember came during my O level UNEB examinations. The exams saw all the stress accumulate from the first examinations as life styles and timetables were reorganized. For that one month we were very organized boys that even to our selves, we looked alien. Imagine reading through out the day and even woke up at 5 am to crack books until 6:30. We even attended lessons from teachers who wouldn’t finish the syllabus in time in hope of getting sasi. This vicious cycle worked its magic round us till the first week of exams. As they say a tiger never loses its spots. After two weeks of this academic rain, the spots re appeared. This was when we had one paper left so the reading habits had to be re adjusted not knowing that the exams are not over until the final paper is handed in. We had two weeks to fight the ghosts of our old selves.

We could concentrate two hours a day from 10 am to 12pm. Then relax for 1 hr waiting for their murram and double main i.e. posh and beans. As usual it all starts like let’s have an evening walk to the trading center with my main cohorts ‘bouncer’ due to the way he used to walk, Petero and me; backslider. In the town center, we watched a movie in the video halls. Then on our way coming back, we would check on people in the local bars playing home and away games communicating to the devil sipping malwa. At this point here that some one would bring an idea of branching to see what is on the ground. Reaching, we would find very many varieties of the games like; ‘look at me’ or waragi, ‘omubisi’ commonly known as mwenge bigere, and ‘pombe’ or ajono. Of course some of us would fear to get cut or drank quickly like Petero, and others like Bouncer claimed to have tablets for the game. He would suggest getting a kilogram of pork. We would chew and booze while interacting with the elders. This was complemented with lots of dancing though Petero would get cut very first. He one time boozed to the extent of being ‘mugged’ carried yet we had just sneaked from the school. All this was done at the expense of eating supper that was served at 6pm.

The next day, we were welcomed by Mr. Hangover. The only remedy, school porridge was maximized to capacity in big tins we called ‘wondows’ , the the act of carrying them wondometer for taking the durra or porridge. But still the hangover would force us to fly the fence to mzee Jamada’s place for some cheap but heavy break fast. This consisted of chai of two hundred. Rice of ‘bisatuu’ served along with beans of ‘bibri’ 200 shillings. Once back at school, we practice some technical drawing till midday. This went on for some good days till another disaster happened after some boy lost my biology text book worth 15000. Despite persistent requests for it, he had no straight answers. And remember senior 4 of our lot were nick named a force year and the rule had to be applied to him. I mugged his mattress worth 50000 in my property. This was just on the eve of my final paper since the rule was you finish your paper, you vacate the school. Hence he lost like that. Some times I reminisce about these events with a grin on my face, not with regret over my failed credit 6 in TD but our afourth year rule;


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