ladies if planning on wrapping your beautiful thighs up in a long pair of trousers please don’t wear high heels or you risk moving around with a kabawo for ebintu esp. if you not well endowed in that department

the other male thing that gives off colour is a christmas tree so boys please limit your cloth colour combinations to 3 or below or u risk being called gay or homo coz biologically it’s the female who attract their mate with colour

Of course a number of gals once in a while what to walk around with their curves oozing in these flowing party dresses but please i don’t what to see your panty demarcated and standing out of that smooth dress. I want to imagine how it looks not to begin drawing it out your body and even weigh it using my imaginary weights

Then there are those who feel are fashionably adapt with the times and want to wear those tiny lingerie and G-strings but please don’t match that with low cut jeans because your buttocks don’t look fan to the eye from the rear view esp. if you once suffered from those skin diseases

Lastly those if you to wear suit and you size 14 please don’t wear size 20 or you risk being reduced to person when inherited it from his grandparent and playing mwana akula


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