As imagined earlier in life, surviving plans among scholars keep changing as one moves from one stage to another.

As communicated, in this article we shall explore in details how campus galz earn a living

Campus galz campus galz campus galz

They teach mathematics using all symbols

They teach subtraction of pocket money from guyz pockets, not by robbing, stealing, or grabbing, but just sweat talking “I LUV U” SWEET HEART “, scoping guyz pieces.

Campus galzDSC06438

They teach addition of problems to guyz, they also include division of guyz minds, in fact sincerely speaking, guyz even forget that where they come from, their clans are as poor as supply.

They are as expensive as aggregate demand; no one has and shall ever attain their riches.

They also lecture multiplication of trouble because if you are not careful, they are so tempting since should you happen to visit their place of residence, they can easily make you spend more than one month with them which also means increased LEAKAGES.

In all the same life carefulness saves your leakages


They do not like to be called girls,but only LADIES ,should you call one lady you are the best friend at the time.

When one does not have money, that causes loss of appetite. But should you sponsor her for a meal she leaves nothing with a lot of pollution this leaves guys wonder.

When she wants to talk to you she beeps, I SAM_0254wonder they generally rarely call.should you call one she puts you on conference and they speak endlessly .This too worries the affected party so much.

Beyond this about campus girls, I shall not reveal because they may be offended the more.





They don’t want to S'ema Naré2541be called boys but only gentle men even when one is not fitting.Ladies feel their beloved one belittled when called a “boy”.

Should you call him boy when the babe is near ,receiving a slap from the babe is absolutely hopeful

Campus boys rarely sleep and babes often wonder about this.But what causes amusement about these boys is the way they save,

but when a babe sponsors he crushes it all and nearly asks for more. This worries babes so much.

When a babe asks for an outing, he proposes to have it at the river bank,I don’t know what they always go to do but all the same,at the river side nothing much is sold such as chips , chicken,coke.

Don’t first wonder about this it is one way of SAVING

Campus boys

They are graduates in thinking, should a babe visit him where he puts up,he does not buy a chair they claim it’s expensive.

They lay their beds well, WHY?

Laying abed well is cheaper than buying a chair ,this too saves expenditure

At campus a guy without a babe makes noise should he get one that is the end of it all.

A guy without money is always in the library ,babes wonder whether they understand what they are ever reading!

A guy who has missed a meal visits the ladies hostels. Might this be another way of saving you will help to investigate about this it seriously pains those who are visited.

Campus boys

A guy with little money either hurries to the hotel or goes late don’t wonder why ,it is a way of saving. When he goes early or late he is in position to ask for KIKOMANDO/BALUGU/ENDAGU.

Should he meet babes at the food joint he first looks around at what they are eating and then asks for what is not there for example At Namasagali, macaroni is America in Uganda it is what he asks for. This is another way of SAVING.

Beyond this I am sorry I can’t explore much about boys.



When a campus guy claims he doesn’t borrow wait at the point of intersection of rain and washing bed sheets .In reality, to fit in society at campus if you cannot buy please don’t fail to borrow. The author narrates to you a story of what happened when rain intercepted some guy’s programme.


This guy could not borrow, when he could see another borrowing, he would call the latter the way he imagines, but one day very early in the morning nature showed signs of shining he was tempted to wash bed sheets with a lot of “WOLOKOSO” claiming his assumed nature of looking wordy brave ,would make him America on planet campus. After washing all the bed sheets blanket ,jacket and all his belongings he left for an unknown mission .while there it started raining cats and dogs where he was he could not help coming and he could not call anybody because there was no network. As if they had had their meeting with rain which looked as if it had not ended well l ,rain showered his clothes beyond imagination

Snoops reveal that when he saw it beginning to rain he hurriedly left the babe in absolute situations and the babe got bothered and cursed herself not to ever come back to him snoops secretly reveal.

He found the clothes more wet than when they were being washed, he couldn’t also avoid missing his meals .imagine.

The guy started panting like a resting dog, kneeling humbly like a born again Christian in front of a pastor in a born again church ,what he couldn’t say was “LOOK AT ME OH GOD ”,But really looked one who was praying.

Everybody looked at him, he could not help himself begging.  Beyond this stay waiting from our nearby observer.



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