A joke gone bad

I to used Hate when am in class trying to add sense to my useless head of mine and take that as an opportunity to turn me into some kind of mtn or airtel mast to transmit their chits/sms to and from. These ranged from love massages to chucking smses with crude language with people referring to their once darling lovers to dog’s kind of sentiments. It even became worse when people made me pass chits in class to the girl of my dreams and i didnt care what you were telling her i was freaking jealousy. So one day the guy i fear who i thought was chasing my future mate asked me to pass a chit to some langi chick that we all knew was a mawire even though she was bright and a good discussant. So this guy kept tearing pages and writing chits to this. To make matters worse the lecturer kept looking at me with those i know you doing something wrong eyes. This didn’t make matters any better for me the innocent party. So i guiltily opened the chi this guy had written
‘let’s do it again in broken english’.
Looked at him once and said i wanna do this pakalast and since my newest network is orange trying to expand and look busy in class since the lecturer was overdosing me on sleeping pills mashed in greedy eyes. So that day to keep the chits moving i would open and reedit them to give a new twist in the kb. Since the gal wasn’t answering, i sent another from the same guy
‘let’s do it and get into your pants’.

Within minutes the gal sent back a chit reading
‘do you know whom you talking to?
I edited to read at my place this time.

After the lecture the boy coincidentally told the gal lets go to your place to which the gal swung the hardest slap she could master with all her might. The impact on the boys jaw sounded so loud everything around the lecture block came to a standstill. As we watched in dismay she slapped the hell out of the boy while accompanying it with tough words in her native Lou language.

‘Iming i cal igwoko pe ilol wia’ literally meaning you like a dog don’t disturb me


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