rather have chocolate over s*x

Whats better?… sex or chocolate? Most people said: CHOCOLATE. WHY?!?!? …
1Even if its not hard it satisfies you the same
 2. You can eat chocolate in the car without being interrupted by police officers.
 3. You can eat chocolate in front of your mom.
 4. Even if you bite it hard your chocolate will never complain.
5. Two people of the same sex can eat chocolate together without being judged
6. Chocolate wont complain if you eat it too fast.
7. Chocolate wont leave a disgusting flavor in your mouth.
 8. You don’t need to lie to the chocolate.
9. Chocolate doesn’t care if you are a virgin or not.
10. You can eat chocolate any day of the week.
11. You’re never too young to eat chocolate.
12. When you eat chocolate your neighbors wont hear you.
 13. The size of the chocolate doesnt matter,wat matters its the pleasure it gives yu.
14. Chocolate always smells good. 15. You don’t need to use a condom to eat chocolate.
16. The first time you eat chocolate wont hurt.
17 Chocolate wont transmit STDs
18 Nobody breaks up because of lack of chocolate.
19. You don’t need to wait another hour to eat another one.
20. After you eat it you don’t need to stay hugged to the chocolate wrap.

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