many fisherman in the sea

because i live next to a fishing community i see many models strutting it out in the blistering sun on the lake and some busking in their boats after a days catch.  although many create a holly wood picture they never make it on the front page of the dating syndicate so i were wondering the look they would create if they turned their image free thought

probably will get you the whole lake if you drinkStorm cloud like a fish with the sewage for beverage and if you vegetarian sea weed will make your delicacy bit don’t get high cause all fish men know best is how not to ‘not fly but sink’

and if you into designer wear and animal print on your curves the fisher manCrying face will even get you fishnets on your leggings but long as you can descale the fish
on valentines day he wont ferment your house with a bunch of miss coloured Wilted roseflowers or those that waken your  allergies but guess it will be a bunch of fish that failed to sell so he brought them so you cook left overs

He never cheat on you except with the stars Call mebecause down the river his all alone the lake got no network bars to support phones

and he never pulls a poker face on Facebook Laughing out loudto poke meaning his love for you not a joke
if you done with the R-rated relationships with a fisher man you be 90% in lingerie but with his a little more dirty than yours and barely with any threads in it
for his not scared to get wet if you know you cumin don’t get it yet

He probably have cold feet and teeth ice cold meaning during a kiss Steaming madhe probably bite onto your lower lip no Dracula

If a prince got a castle and love birds got a nest the fisher man has a boat and its custom fitted for two so you have no worries about threesomes and gang bangs but on conditionGhost no one gets their before you


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