i dig you like a farmer…………..

heard some one sometime back rap a line that caught my ear…………..
”………………….am not a farmer but i dig you like a farmer.”
this gave me the thought that if a gal and you single and were not mingling but had singled a farmer what would you expect in that package………….

farmers are normally think in past tested and stick to the tried and tested path even when enjoying the little dirty things in life so don’t expect them to go probably stick to missionary….ing styling those sex and wont be breaking their backs digging up dusted copies of Kama sutra trying out all those cool styles with their slutty names like wheel barrow and so forthWinking smile

cause farmers work in seasons don’t expect them to hit you up when you are in your P’s cause they know when it rains it pours and some times hits like hurricaneFreezing “wish i knew………”

a crude farmer knows Darwin’s law of competition of the fittest and stresses the point of working and preparing his ground to streaking clean so he probably will be shaving your plot just to make sure everything go to plan bit lest you can with stand his tinkling cause his tools be crudeSmile with tongue out

thanks to global warming he will knows the rules of irrigation and he be spreading that magic water to feed and that’s go keep you for at least 9months with no complains but on your reservesFlirt male

farmers are conscious bout the effect of toxic waste in their environment and how it go affect their yield so don’t expect to eat fast food garbage accumulating waste in your tummy  and go round farting around like a toad crushed by an all dirtyRolling on the floor laughing gum boot

and if your gifts are  not complete with out fragrance then worry not cause the farmer need not to buy cause his clothes are the master mix and his feet are the jewelled fingers to work their magic in his gum boots is the well rounded shaped bottle to package his shit cause the stench in their Secret telling smileis multi million dollar.


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