who supposed to market the courses we study….??

Been following the “who is supposed to market the course” debate with conscious ears and the satisfaction of a lost fella. It’s been growing slowly and steadily form the first day listening to the then faculty brief notes or whatever he called it in that tent way back in 2010. From the moment the course’s new fledglings started accepting the fact that what they initially thought of the course is not what had been receipted by the cooks aka the university management. We initially thought we were going to work I the oil sector and help drum up the figures for our honourable members of parliament and may be ease on the tensions that cloud the controversial oil agreements between the government and the oil companies. In the process providing the MPs chance more developmental issues like looking for funds to increase the salaries of public workers like teachers and doctors who have been at the bottom of the food chain for such a long time. Or even avail fund for the now detrimental nodding disease that’s become and embarrassed to our nation far worse than kony’s lord resistance army rebels.
Back to the point; we all know natural resource economics being a new course was bound to suffer many hardships. Like who is supposed to market the course and I guess in terms of the end benefits after graduation jobs. Form a lay man’s thinking it would be the students themselves to do that because on one waste s three precious years of his life studying something that he can’t lay account for in terms of the jobs.

quoting the then faculty dean
“  the course has been on going in Europe and other developed countries………..the jobs are available on an international  scale and locally in environment related organisations like the NEMA and others”

But then how do those doing similarly related course like B.Sc. Environmental science and other environmental conscious courses that don’t come to mind right away. Should we say we in the game for the fittest because how you expect us to compete globally if we don’t even know our stand locally?

Quoting one of the lecturers,
“I even don’t know what is supposed to teach because what’s in the course outline has no documented material and is not easy to find. What’s available is irrelevant to Uganda as a case study”

So if those who are meant to be the light at the end of the dark tunnel don’t also seem to know what they feeding us, then whom should we trust to guide us along the meandering journey.  Are we supposed to make up what to present to potential employers. Should we simply pick up the document and file it with hope of finding greener pastures elsewhere like furthering our studies I other alluring fields and dump the whole dream of being Uganda’s first bunch of professional resource economists.

Quoting another lecturer during one of those heated moments in class during an argument
“been hearing this debate about a missing lecturer………………the institution will go on even if one person leaves”

Could it be that the students are fore seeing a bleak future now that the pioneering lectures they started with are out of the system hence the collapse if the institution is downright inevitable. Have the lecturers lost the respect of the students and are now looked at as jokers moving around with files for quack books.

quoting on of the students
“people I have been in the field…………….interacted with those people………..they can’t wait to receive us students to explain to them some of the technicalities to these politicians……….”

Does this imply that those who are complaining about the course just don’t understand the field they signed up for from the very beginning or is it the case them being pioneers they can’t stand the weight of expectation hovering their shoulders. Also the fact that the course was availed on scholarship would it be a factor for the confusion. In these hard economic conditions any one would take up courses that free of charge then complain later when the going gets tough. Are the students being short sited in their demands because country wide the jobs are un available. So should they stick to forming their associations like NECI, EREAS with the goal of seeking funding form already established NGO’s that seek to partner with them.
The debate is thrown back to your court and it runs across many other courses with their fancy names………………


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