when relationsh*ts burst

At campus have seen many humans drown in the allure of falling in love scoring the chance of having someone to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, be patient with you one of those days when you suck to the fullest, laugh at even your lamest attempt at cracking a joke and at the end of the night wish you sweet dreams after along tight squeeze.
At this stage no one cares about the moment coming to an end and we dread the moment the winding love road comes to a dead end under the unfamiliar of all circumstances and the most childish and lamest of excuses.
Quite a number of reasons prop up when the end is finally flashed on the silver screen and the cinema doors are shut closed till further notice. Have compiled some below feel free to relate with one;

“we were young and didn’t know what we were doing”
Why go into a realationshit well knowing you below the age to consume it in all its colours. And what age are we talking about here; is it that’s constitutionally accepted in this case 18 or does the age here refer to a mental state of the mind and not the figures that pop every time you flash your birth certificate.

“we wanted to give each other some space”
Who said In love you are tied to each other like a rope to a tree or a hand bag to a girls arm with all the consumables that come along within it. Is this space imaginary that you can’t really geolocate it on the earth may be am going to Karamoja in search of my space. So why did you realise now that your space has been encroached on and besides why didn’t you demarcate it at the beginning of the raltionshit in the first place like we used to do it in primary school by telling our then girlfriends our do’s and don’ts like we were taking them to  a prison.

“our time was done”
So you initailly came into the relationshit with a time frame in mind. What happened to the fairy tales about anfd they lived happily their after and if you willingly entered a relationshit with a time why you soaking your pillow tears and disgusted every time a love song plays on radio.

“ am done with the opposite sex women and men  till further notice”

now that you done with them have you finally learnt how to love yourself. Why did you stop loving yourself and thught the whole world gives you what you can’t give yourself? Because true happiness starts with loving you………………I mean you. So are you turning to gay/lesbian or the whole species?

we shall be just friends

what makes you think it’s as easy as done and heard of the adage we can share a bed but not the dreams how sure are you that that person thinks  the same as you and will simply switch off the button and everything will be normal like nothing ever happened. I know you thinking about loving maturely and things come and go but why must you as a person go and not others and what if you meant the whole world to them.


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