friday night over nite

With the dry climate and weather has triggered the need for a higher power to and as the adage goes/ where there is a will there is a way. This has perfectly to Namasagali fledglings are fast turning to the holy grail to see them through their mounting problems
like hiding form their discussants in Bagdad, struggling to get girlfriends if you can’t afford a cool laptop complemented by a cooler bicycle or some heavenly facing sharp shooter for shoes.
The trend has been pioneered by the like of Mr. Bagdad in the company of other serial believers who on Friday night can be seen trekking to the holy place to meet blessings from their maker.
Even the politicians have not been left behind on the overnight trend and hoped onto the band wagon thanks to the fact that the elections are seemingly drawing closer and so is the demand for a Jesus clean image demanded for by the electorate who won’t think twice to bundle you out in a blinker of an eye.
Those in public offices like church committees have also taken the opportunity to clean their images to wipe themselves of Saturday’s transgression with the daughters of eve. Others seek the almighty to guide them along the temptation filled road they will be trekking come Saturday night.


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