Devilarguably the illest emcee walking blackout’ed Kampala streets thanks to his nemesis umeme

though he would an F before that
was playing with his lyrics and came up with this……………………………

from Kampala City, so full of troubleWilted rose and strife 
His forever blessed by the Qur’an
like a brokenWinking smilecondom cos his not to be fucked with
I guess he can flip, roundhouse and give you aCrying facekick
his carAuto is always dry, cos it’s never had more than 5
though the city gat petrol stations every 100 meters
and even though he earns one million shillings
trust me he will be spending 1.5Hot smile
he reads better thanThumbs downwrites, but don’t be surprised
when he spit and urinate Ghoston the side of the road
they refer to it as short call
the kind to piss you off if you beep him just to say hiCall me
because his from a town where drunkenMug drivers are the only ones who go straight
wonder his the bombLight bulb
Let’s face it for he will leave your style so basic
for He aint gat loose screws so his not eating what umeme pooSteaming madpoos
so he honourShifty them with an F…………
but his punch lines leave your brain skinnier than poolOpen-mouthed smilecues
but he no do voodoo though his truths been acrossRed lipsBluetooth
but you gat to feel this guys shit like toiletSick smilepaper
his rhymes so sick to hear them
you needed a vaccine because he used toFingers crossedspoil the haters
like fruit salads cos they in despairAliennow
So stop hiding like a little boy behind his Mummy’s long dressJust kidding


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